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Leisure EPOS

Fast Shop Leisure has been specifically designed for sports clubs such as snooker halls and football pitches.
As many sports clubs have their own shop within the club the epos has been designed to act as a retail shop as well as time management and booking system.
The system offers a wide range of facilities on a simple user friendly interface. As the tasks in hand at sports clubs can get a little complex we have made Fast shop as easy to use as possible focusing on making most used features easily accessible.


Preview some EPOS Leisure screenshots:

The software allows you to:

  • Take control of the lights of snooker tables and football pitches within the software
  • Traffic light colouring scheme to show if the table or football pitch is in use.
  • Clear timing counters as well as current total of the table.
  • Rates of booking can be varied according to time of day and can be changed easily for individuals
  • You can move bookings from tables or pitches.
  • User friendly booking system allows single and block bookings.
  • Integrate retail epos allowing you to sell a soft drink whilst still viewing current activities of snooker tables and football pitches.
  • Waiting list for snooker tables ensuring customers given table as soon as they are available.
  • Advance payment feature flashing the table on screen to show payment has finished.
  • Create membership facility and photo capture to help reduce membership card sharing.

We provide full installation and training for the users at no cost and offer 24 hour online support.

Fast Shop Leisure Clients

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